The FDA Starburst was conceived, designed, and constructed by Tim Dorman in the spring of 2000 for the Fairport (Ohio) Dance Academy's upcoming annual dance recital titled "Milestones", which was presented in June of 2000 at Riverside High School in Painesville, Ohio. Since warehouse or large area studio space was unavailable, the startburst project was constructed outside, in Tim's driveway. The wall, it's starburst pattern, the structural support system, and dimmer control system were spec'd out and assembled by Tim, based on the artistic requests of the staff at FDA (Fairport Dance Academy). The wall was 20 feet in length and 8 feet tall. Sheets of luan stiffened by 1x4's formed the wall. The arcs of the starburst pattern were laid out using string anchored to the center convergence point at the base of the center of the wall. A template was used to maintain consistent distances along each radius/arc intersection for bulb locations. The Starburst wall needed to be made to be easily disassembled and transported. The 5 luan panels were fastened together using common stage hardware. The electrical connections between adjoining panels were made using readily available, inexpensive crimp-on style lug connectors. Twin GENIE crank-style lifts provided the upright support for the wall. A 20 foot aluminum triangular truss between the two uprights provided horizontal support along the top edge of the wall. The dimming and sequencing electronics consisted of an NSI 6300 controller and NSI MicroPlex communication to twin NSI ND 4600 dimmer packs.



Luan sheets tanning in the mid day sun.

The five panels, beginning to act like a wall.

Evel Knievel never responded to repeated invitations to jump the wall. The wall meanwhile, imagines itself to be a 21st century Stonehenge.

The three center panels get fitted with lamp bases and wiring harnesses. The garage helps out.

The left and right outer panels get added and get the wiring. Still no word from Evel Knievel

Detail of the panel interconnections.

A few shots of the Starburst in action.